The California Federation of Republican Women accomplishes its goals and objectives through numerous volunteer programs, activities and events. Our programs are designed to educate our membership and to provide outreach activities to our surrounding communities.

Our organizations offer scholarships to deserving men and women, political internships and through our Lobbyist Advocate present a proactive position on identified bills. We provide educational services on elections and on current public policy issues, and through our activities provide training for community leaders and activists.

Advocacy Program

The Advocacy Program, headed up by our Registered Lobbyist, allows the California Federation of Republican Women to promote those issues important to their membership. Once a year, during the Spring Conference and Board Meeting the Federation meets in Sacramento and spends one day working with the members of the California State Legislature followed by the Spring Conference and Board Meeting where the members, guests and students hear from legislators on progress in the State Capitol.


The Ambassadors are those who support our advocacy program by supplying additional funding, through their membership, to LASOF, our Legislative Advocate Fund. This is separate and apart from our regular membership and associate dues. Members of the Ambassadors group receive additional benefits at State Meetings and at the Advocacy Day attend a special reception in their honor. For $250.00 for the year, all are welcome to join this vital part of Federation activities and keep our education of our membership alive and healthy.

Caring for America

The goal of Caring for America is to energize state and local clubs, attract new members, retain current members, provide positive public relations and register new Republicans by working in the community and showing that Republican women do care.

Mamie Eisenhower Library Project

In 1961, the NFRW established a Special ational Committee - The Mamie Eisenhower Library Project (MELP) as a memorial honoring our former First Lady by offering books reflecting Republican philosophy and beliefs as well as presenting outstanding Republican personalities.  Through MELP our ladies donate books to libraries, scholls, hospitals ad other institutions.

An NFRW MELP bookplate ust be placed in the book, tape or video before presentation.  The NFRW MELP book plates will be sent upon request from the State Chairman. 

Request for Bookplate Form

Recommended Books

Operation Interdependence and Support our Troops

Operation Interdependence provides each deployed platoon a box with enough treats & notes of encouragement from home, for each member of that platoon, for each month during their tour of duty. Platoons vary in size from 20 to 50, depending upon their duties, and are deployed for approximately 6 months.

Operation Interdependence Web Site

Support the children of our troops by donating to the following approved organization. Click on the image below:

toys for troop kids

Precinct Operations

This program incorporates Voter Registration and Precinct Operations. In addition to registering Republican voters, Federated women walk precincts and deliver candidate information and voter information in election years. This program is usually coordinated through the County Party.

Voter Registration

More information about Voter Registration


The Federation, at all levels, delivers scholarships to deserving students and women reentering the work place. Some scholarship programs are given nationally others are specific to the level of the federation. More information

CFRW Speaker's Roster

At all levels of the Federation we hold educational and informational meetings for our membership and invited guests. We invite qualified Speakers to submit the name and resume to our speaker's roster and for units throughout the state to submit the names of speaker's and programs they have held which others may choose to invite to participate in their programs. Submit your name and resume.

Woman of the Year Award

Federated Women are multifaceted. Of course, as members of the Federation, they donate untold hours and monies to the work of the Federation. More than that, many of them are involved in community-based volunteer activities that have nothing to do with politics but, in some way, better the quality of life for the citizens of their community.

We call this award "Women of the Year" because there would be several who would meet the standards for which this award is given. But we look for the one who stands out from the rest and goes that extra mile to achieve not only the objectives of the Federation but reaches out to the community in which she lives.

Woman of the Year application

Contact: Woman of the Year Chairman

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