The CFRW Advocacy "Virtual Office" is the eyes and ears for our State Legislature. Through our full time office staff and volunteers, the Federation has a say in the direction taken by our elected representatives.  CFRWs Advocacy program is unique in the whole NFRW structure and becomes more vital than ever by working with Republican legislators and keeping the mebers informed and involved.  CFRW has evolved into a most efficient voice for women involved in government.  The program has enabled us to seat many women in political appointments, influence legislation and make our presence felt.

The ADVOCACY PROGRAM GOALS are to influence legislation and maintain a CFRW presence in state government in accordance with CFRW objectives.


The Advocacy Program was established in 1974 during the term of Northern Division President Barbara Stidham who was a driving force toward that ed.  In 1976 our Legislative Advocate became a full-tie registered lobbyist.  Nancy Ehlers, our first Advocate, conducted all of the program's activities at her home. President Charlotte Mousel (1978-1979) saw the need to have an office closer to the Capitol. In 1978, L.A.S.O.F. (Legislative Advocate's Sacramento Office Fund) was approved by CFRW s Board of Directors. It was a voluntary contribution from individuals, clubs, counties and divisions. In 1979, a small office two blocks from the Capitol was rented. With borrowed furniture and minimal equipment, the office was made functional.  The Legislative Advocate's Office is now funded through per capita dues and the Ambassadors' Program.  From the dues paid to your club, $2.00 is used to fund a portion of the expenses of this office.  In addition, the Ambassadors' Program provides ad additional source of revenue.  Durig the administration of Mariane Haydon (CFRW President 2006-2007) this program was expanded to include annual membership at four levers - Platinum with a annual dues of $500.00; Golde Eagle with annual dues of $250.00; Golden Bear with anual dues of $100.00; and Ambassador with annual dues of $50.00.  This enables clubs of all sizes and members of all resouces to participate in the program.

If you are interested learning more about the Ambassadors' Program or would like to join go to the CFRW website: www.cfrw.org


The first official Advocacy Workshop was in 1976 and held in Sacramento to give an opportunity for Republican legislators to inform Federation members about their activities, problems and matters of interest, and to make these Republican legislators aware of the Federation in its new capacity as a cohesive, well-informed lobbying group.

Currently each Spring, the CFRW Spring Board of Director's Meeting and Conference is followed by Advocacy Day. Several hundred women from CFRW throughout the State of California converge on the state Capitol in Sacramento to lobby legislators (Republican and Democrat alike) to sponsor, support or defeat bills which are important to the issues they follow.  Our attendees of our Lobby Day portion of the program meet on the steps of the Capitol wearing their red jackets for a photo.

In the 1990's a new facet was added to Advocacy Day and we invited High School students to participate in legislative action and awareness in our State Capitol. This has become a traditional part of our event and an exciting opportunity for students to see and hear how our State government works.  Students from all over California are sponsored by their local clubs.  These students attend a workshop to learn more about the legislative process, to meet legislators and staff members, network, become educated on various issues, and enjoy a variety of speakers.  In addition, there is the opportunity to attend various associated functions which may include a tour of our Sacramento office, rallies, Capitol tours and social events. 

2014 Advocacy, or "Future Leaders Conference”, was moved to Southern California at the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library in April 2014 and will return to Sacramento as Advocacy in 2015.  



916 442-4084

Allison Olson, our Legislative Advocate, attends committee hearings and maintains working relationships with legislators as part of her duties.  She works with the volunteer CFRW Legislative Analysts who assist her in reviewing bills introduced in the legislature. After CFRW takes an official position on a bill, our Advocate is our liaison between the membership and the legislature to advocate our position.  An electronic weekly legislative update is distributed to our members, keeping members informed and current as well as providing ACTION ALERTS when it is appropriate to ask members to write letters, call in to local radio stations and get the word out on good or bad legislation.


Our volunteer Legislative Analysts cover a variety of topics.  Legislation is distributed to our Analysts according to subject matter.  The current subject matter studied by CFRW's Legislative Analysts are:

  • Agriculture
  • Election Laws
  • Economy
  • Education K-12
  • Education Higher
  • Environment
  • Family
  • Jobs
  • Judiciary
  • Health and Aging
  • Immigration
  • Infrastructure
  • Property Rights
  • Public Safety
  • Tax and Revenue
  • Transportation
  • Water

The Analysts track the legislation in their area of responsibility through an internet based bill tracking service.  The Analysts and Advocate also analyze initiatives and other ballot measures such as constitutional amendments and bond issues.

Once a particular issue has been analyzed, that analysis is forwarded to the seven voting members of the Executive Committee for their vote on whether to support, oppose or take a "no position" on the issue.  Those voting members are the CFRW President, the Vice Presidents from North, Central and South, and the Division Presidents.

When a position has been taken by CFRW, it is the job of the Legislative Advocate to make our view known through the legislative process by reporting our position to the bill's author and committee members, attending and testifying at committee hearings, meetings with legislators and their staff and keeping the Analysts apprized of any changes that may affect the bill.

If you have information or a concern regarding a particular issue or are interested in assisting in any way, we encourage you to contact the Advocate's office 916 442-4084 or advocate@cfrw.org.  The Legislative Advocate Office will put you in touch with the Legislative Analyst who is tracking that particular area of interest.




































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