"United We Win with CAGOP"

MAY 4-6

details will be updated soon!



What an exciting week for Republicans at our
National Convention in Cleveland!!

Past CFRW Presidents Carol Hadley and Roseann Slonsky-Breault were interviewed on television from the floor of the convention hall as well as former Congressman Doug Ose who worked with Governor Mike Pence and said Trump “hit a home run by picking Pence” for Vice President.

And what a lineup of speakers! Monday’s dynamite speakers included Sharon Day, Co-Chair of the RNC; NFRW President Carrie Almond; The Honorable Rick Perry, former Governor, Actor Scott “Chachi” Baio; The Honorable Rudy Giuliani; and to top off the evening, Melania Trump.

On Tuesday we heard from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, as well as The Honorable Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader; The Honorable Chris Christi, Governor; Donald Trump Jr., and Dr. Ben Carson.

Wednesday’s crackerjack lineup included Laura Ingram, Conservative Political Commentator; The Honorable Scott Walker; Senator Ted Cruz who was cheered when he entered the stage but booed when he finished his speech for not endorsing Trump.  I don’t think he did his political career any good.  Senator Cruz was followed by Eric Trump, and the evening finished with Vice President Nominee Governor Mike Pence taking the platform.

Sorry to say, I was not able to stay for the final day where Donald J. Trump became our official nominee along with running mate Mike Pence.  I was caught up in the Southwest melt down and spent the night at the Midway Airport in Chicago.

Here is my mantra.

Not voting or voting Libertarian or Green is the same as casting a vote for Hillary!

I think you can tell a man’s character if you look at his children and look at his work ethic.  Donald Trump has raised some great, decent, family loving children and has taught them to work hard at what they do.  Also, don’t think about his few failures, think of his hundreds of successes.  I am convinced he will make a good President of the United States.


Olivia McCaffrey,

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