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The State Central Committee (known as the California Republican Party) is the top level of the pemanent party structure in California.  Charged by the law with conducting campaigns for GOP candidates, the State Committee is specifically authorized to appoint committees to organize political campaigns, employ campaign directors and develop campaign organizations.

Regular members of the State Party are nominees for statewide Constitutional Offices, State Senate, U.S. Senator, House of Representatives, State Party Chairma, Vice Chairman, Immediate Past Chairman, the four persons who most recently served as Immediate Past Chairman, the Republican National Committee Man and Committeewoman, the Chairman of each County Central Committee and the Chairman of each Stateside Volunteer Organization chartered by the State Party.

Republican volunteer organizations receive appointments according to the CRP bylaws and rules.  CFRW receives two voting delegate appointments.  Other volunteer organizations receive either one or two appointments in accord with the CRP bylaws and rules.  In addition to the delegate appointments allotted to the volunteer organizations, each volunteer organization that registers for the CRP Bounty Program is awarded one delegate to the CRP for each two thousand five hundred (2,500) new Republicans registered and submitted through the CRP Operation Bounty Program.  It is important that CFRW clubs register directly with CRP since that gives the CFRW President those delegate appointments.  Voter registration done through County Central Committees will probably result in those delegate appointments being awarded to the Central Committees and NOT to CFRW.  (Additional delegate appointments are allocated based on election and registration percentages.)  For more detailed information regarding appointments such as Youth Associate and Associate members refer to the CRP ByLaws.

At the Organization Meeting (following the general election), officers are elected and Party activities are programmed for the following year.  Elected Officers are: the Chairman, Vice Chairmma, Secretary, First and Second Assistant Secretaries, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and eight Regional Vice Chairmen.  For the list of regionals see CRP ByLaws.


The Board of Directors consists of the elected officers of the State Party, the Republican National Committeeman and Committeewoman, the Chairmen of the Finance and the Budget and Expenditure Committees, President of the County Chairman's Association, the highest ranking Republican statewide partisan officeholder (or designee), Republican Leaders of the State Senate and Assembly and the California Republican Congressional Delegation.  The business and operations of the State Party is managed by the Chairman under the general direction of the Board of Directors.


In each year of the statewide general election at which electors of the State of California are elected to cast electoral votes for the office of President and Vice President of the United States, the following persons shall act as electors:

1. Republican nominees for the office of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, Controller, Attorney General and Secretary of State.
2. Republican nominees for U.S. Senator from California at the last two United States Senatorial elections.
3. The State Assembly Republican Leader
4. The State Senate Republican Leader
5. All elected office of the State Party
6. The Republican National Committeeman and Committeewoman
7. President of the Republican County Central Committee Chairman's Association
8. The Chairman or President of each Republican voluteer organization which is officially chartered by the State Party.
All remaining positions to which the State of California is entitled and the alternates to fill any vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the Chairman of the State Party.


There are fifty eight counties in California; there are fifty-eight County Central Committees.  The number of members on a County Central Committee is established by the State Election Code.

Party nominees for statewide office are automatically ex-officio members of their respective Central Committees.  Ex-officio members have all the rights and privileges, including the right to vote, as elected members of the Central Committee.  Each elected or ex-officio member of the County Central Committee may appoint an Alternate.  Alternates hold voting power in the absence of the member.

How Does One Become a Central Committee Member?
Candidates file nomination papers just as any other candidate.  A Declaration of Candidacy form, a Sponsor's Certificate and an Appointment Verification Deputy form are obtained from the Registrar of Voters; the signed sponsorshipof not less than twenty (20) and ot ore than thirty (30) registered Republican noters living the the district must be secured.  The Declaration of Candidacy and the signed Sponsorship Certificate are filed with the Registrar of Voters.  The rest is up to you, the candidate, and to the voters, for how you begin your campaign.
Your name is listed on the Primary ballot.  You are voted upon at that time but will not take office until the following January if you win.  You are elected to a two-year term.  On the first Monday after the first day in January, the elected members meet (this is the year following the Primary) to elect officers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.  It is at this meeting that you, the member, will take the oath of office.

What are the Duties of the Central Committee?
Duties are many and varied.  Since the Committee is the official spokesman for the Party (inasmuch as the  County is concerned), a headquarters is usually maintained year around.  Funds are raised; candidates are selected and trained; political education the the form of seminars, voting information, candidate endorsements, are some of the activities.

Campaign and Precinct Organization
It is customary for County Central Committees to have a precinct organization.  If a precinct organization does not exist, Federation women should assume the responsibility to organize one in their area or town.
Campaigns are usually run by campaign committees or consulting firms, not by the clubs of the Federation.  (In elections where there is more than one Republican candidate, be sure the club president and members understand and adhere to the Federation policies regarding endorsements.)  However, club members are among the most politically aware and astute volunteers.  From their ranks come the most important members of campaign committees.

The aim of Republican campaign and precinct activities is to WIN elections.
1. Locate and register Republicans
2. See that they are informed on issues, candidates and voting rights
3. Make certain all Republicans get to the polls and vote on election day

Precinct work should be a year around effort.  If a club wishes to start and maintain a precinct operation of Assembly District Headquarters, complete guidelines are available from CFRW, most County Central Committees and the CRP.
Campaigns creating the greatest interest are the campaigns held in the even numbered years in conjunction with the Presidential and gubernatorial elections.  However, local elections are of extreme importance.  It is as vital to elect our Republican nominees for Assembly, Senate and Congress as it is to elect a Republican President or Governor.  In the cause of good government, we must also work for the election of Republicans to the City Council, County Supervisor and Boards of Education.


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