June 2018

We’re happy to have the California Primary behind us, (once they finally get all the votes counted)! It was very rewarding to achieve so many Republican victories. Somehow that big “Blue Wave” didn’t happen, and even all the George Soros money aimed at shaping our DA races turned out to be a big bust! We’re proud and very encouraged to have played a key role in making that happen in so many of our communities. Turns out our “Informed” RWF members have more influence than evil PAC’s!

If most of the so called “main-stream media” won’t do their job, we are determined to tell people the truth about the issues and candidates. We saw many wonderful examples of members reaching out to the community in so many different ways to counter the “fake news”. Our efforts looked different in every location, and precinct/neighborhood “engagement” took on new formats. One of my favorites was by our former CFRWND Chaplain and Regional Director, Dr. Barbara Fair who truly gave new meaning to the term “precinct walking”. Barb eagerly reads her Capitol bulletins, NFRW news alerts and Club Newsletters and then proceeds to “share” them as only she can. She lives in a wonderful senior facility and uses a motorized scooter to “get about”. She delights in “zooming” around, sharing the “real news”, then follows up with everyone to be sure they’re voting and in the “right” way! She personifies our Federated Republican Women on the MOVE!

California IS worth fighting for, and we’ve only just begun! We’re gearing up over the summer to be out and about seeking opportunities to introduce ourselves and invite others to join us in turning California Gold again! Our clubs are fired up and have been building their memberships with nine of them already exceeding their 2017 membership. We’re planning a bold new effort going into the November Election. In order to have a greater impact, we have moved up our CFRWND Fall Conference to August 25, 2018 to be held at the Sacramento Marriott in Rancho Cordova. We’ll take care of our BOD business and then move into what we call our “Rip Roaring Rally for a Red California”! We hope to have our terrific US Congressional, California Republican Statewide Slate, Senate and Assembly District candidates for a Candidate “Blender” where you get to mix, mingle and interact with them. We are taking a team approach to “holding the US House” and breaking the Blue hold on California statewide offices and the Super Majority in the Legislature. Because our candidates can’t speak to every potential voter, we want to help them. Our goal is to not only educate and motivate ourselves, other registered Republicans, those who may be registered differently, but also those just NOT voting at all because they don’t understand what is at stake and why it matters to them. We’ll be breaking things down for them on the propositions and candidates in a way they can clearly see the consequences of their votes (or lack thereof).We’ll also familiarize ourselves with what to expect on the ballot, the different voting processes and timelines used in various communities.

We want to introduce ourselves to various groups and individuals as a resource for them for voter information confidence and inspire them to vote EARLY to avoid some of the delays receiving and counting the ballots. In short, we’re going on offense and being proactive before the sample and absentee ballots are even mailed. We believe we’re in the best position to help our candidates make their case for California. We have truly embraced our mission to be

 – Informed – Involved – Impactful!



April 2018

We are off to the races at a fast pace! I hope you all were as energized as I was by our Leadership Forum. The presentations were all so chock full of great information and the interaction during the breakouts and “Raucous Caucus” was really fun. From my travels around the Division, you are all putting the tools and information you received to good use and taking them another step further. I am so impressed with, and proud of, the terrific candidate forums and events you are hosting and the way you are working on building our membership to increase our “Army of Truth” for the upcoming elections - we are off to a great start!

I attended our California Federation of Republican Women Winter Conference where we handled many business items including approving the Budget along with key goals, and of course strengthening our Membership was a big focus.  We were thrilled to accept the CFRW Eagle Award for our increased membership in 2017 and will be working hard to continue the growth this year.

Our CFRWND membership goal we set, aka “Project 4000” is looking better every day. In March we already had two clubs, Santa Rosa and Tulelake Basin RWF at 100% of their 2017 membership levels, and this month two more joined them - Monterey Peninsula and San Ramon Valley RWF. We also have Solano RWF leading the way for us all at 103% and Chico RWF at 101% - FANTASTIC! That means our CFRW Northern Division is at 75% of last year and we only have 754 more members needed to blast through Project 4000! We CAN DO THIS!

I also attended the National FRW Spring BOD Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Our Legislative Day at the Capitol started early for me along with Carla Embertson, Gaylon Kastner and Maxine Bennet with our wonderful Congressman  Tom McClintock giving us a “behind the scenes” tour filled with his incredible historical insights and taking us to places not included on the public tours. From our ride on the special underground trolley reserved for members of Congress to his demonstration of the special acoustical secrets discovered and used by John Adams, he made my very first visit quite memorable. We then joined the rest of the NFRW members for a special briefing session starting with Sen. John Cornyn installing our new NFRW officers. Over 23 members of Congress provided updates to us on key issues and votes and then we met for lunch at the Capitol Hill Club to hear from Tom again. I hope you’ve read the recaps from these sessions in the NFRW e-blasts, there is more on the website.  In addition to the Business Plan and Budget discussions during the BOD Meeting, we also heard some very encouraging news from the Republican Governor’s Association and the RNC. The common message from all of the speakers, and especially our elected officials was how very critical our role is in helping cut through the constant stream of disinformation and bypass the main stream media. They all made an urgent plea for us to not only continue to spread the truth, but to grow our members and opportunities to help get more voters Informed – Involved and Impactful!

If you only listened to, or read things in, the “main stream media” you would think we Republicans might as well pull the covers up over our heads for protection against the “BIG BLUE WAVE” about to hit us in the upcoming elections.

Well guess what? We have another outcome in mind and as we share facts and engage with potential voters even in BLUE/BROWN California, people are starting to wake up and join us in demanding change.

I keep reminding myself of how inspired I was by the two terrific young speakers at the CFRW Winter Conference – James O’Keefe and Anna Khait. I was struck by the fact that both of them had displayed a lot of courage and strength in spite of daunting circumstances in their young lives. Both said that the freedoms we enjoy will not be kept without our willingness to fight for them – ALL of us, not just a few elected officials. I think the members of our Federation of Republican Women are not only capable of doing just that, but will lead the way for others to join us. Can’t wait to join you out on the campaign trail as we make “BIG RED WAVES” for freedom.


January 2018

We are excited to kick-off the CFRW Northern Division 2018-19 term as part of the great California and National Federation of Republican Women leadership teams. We have been busy assembling our extended team, putting all the necessary Club processes in place, and laying out our goals and plans.

We have challenged ourselves to play a key role in making a difference in our communities and in the upcoming elections to get California back on the “right track”! Our theme for this term is:

 – Informed – Involved – Impactful!

We see our greatest challenge as the large numbers of “uninformed citizens” who have not been paying attention allowing the California super-majority (enabled by the liberal media) to enact horrible laws. If we can share our knowledge with more voters and engage them, we can not only grow our membership numbers, but start to turn things in our state from “Brown” back to “Gold”.

Our first order of business was our great Leadership Forum. We brought in club members and leaders from throughout the division to lay out our organizational goals, game plans, understand responsibilities and hone our leadership skills as individuals to help us achieve great success as a team at every level of the Federation. We recently consolidated our structure from 11 into 8 Regions within the Division to facilitate more interaction and sharing of ideas. So, we added a fun and engaging “Raucous Regional Caucus” to our program of presentations and breakout sessions. We really weren’t too “raucous”, think Mixer on steroids! We had a packed house, and the energy and enthusiasm were powerful. We left with confidence in our game plans and tools to help us work together and succeed as a team with all our Federated Republican sisters!

We were thrilled to accept the CFRW Eagle Award for our increased membership in 2017 at the CFRW Winter Conference and will be working hard to continue the growth this year. Here’s to a fabulous 2018 for us all!



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