It is my pleasure to serve as President of Northern Division.  My theme for the next two years is RENEWING OUR RESOLVE.  As a verb it means to settle or find a solution or decide on a course of action.  As a noun it means a firm determination to do something.  As our NFRW Past President, Kathy Brugger is in the habit of doing, let’s spell things out.

R is for Registrations.  Let us resolve to register as many Republicans as we can.

E is for Energetic.  Let us be energetic in our resolve to elect more Republicans to office.

S is for Seek.  Let us seek out new members from all walks of life.

O is for Outreach.  We must outreach to the youth of our communities and make them comfortable in our clubs.

L is for Leadership.  Resolve to become a good leader in your club and your community.

V is for Vote.  We must resolve to work hard and get out the vote in the up-coming election.  We must win back the White House.

The last E is for Excellence.  Let us resolve to strive for excellence in all that we endeavor.

Let each of us each RESOLVE to be the very best that we can – in our lives, in our clubs and for our country.  God bless you and God bless America.


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